Futureproof Your Site

We safegard your site and extensions so you dont have to!

Opencart Website Insurance

Starting from   €320.00EUR

Your company website defines the initial perception that a customer has of you and your products or services. It is
therefore very important that your website is seen to be modern offering the latest features.

Third party extensions are constantly evolving and being updated. It is very important to ensure that your website extensions are up to date so that the website keeps apace with these updates and offers the most up to date features. In a worst-case scenario, failure to update an extension can result in the extension failing to work which could lead breaking elements on the site. This happens rarely. The average extension is upgrade roughly 6 times a year., some minor, some are major and can add enhanced functionality, or upgrade when third part services update there services (e g Facebook Store).

The Opencart framework is also updated regularly, in-fact over the last year, it had 10 updates, and since June they moved to a brand new version, 3.0 (it has now gone to stable . This latest version has brought massive improvements to speed and functionality to the system compared to the previous versions.

To help you future-proof your website, we have introduced two innovative products which we believe will be of interest to
you and will allow you to keep your site current, secure and relevant.
Same Opencart framework upgrades (including up to 10 extensions)
€360 per month
New Design – up to 16 hours design time €750 once off
Over run Design time if requested for mor advanced designs - over 16 hours
€50 per hour