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Future Hosting was set up with a Clear Goal - to change the way a Company is Perceived in Ireland. Hosting Services are not just a Product purchased for €10 or €1000. Often, whether a Service is Online Depends on the Revenue of Entire Organizations.

For more than a decade, we have been in the Hosting Industry delivering Hosting Services and also Telecommunications, Internet Marketing, Web Design, Relational Databases, and Search Engine Optimization Solutions to Companies All Over Ireland.

The Servers in most Hosting Companies on the Market are almost the same - Powerful, Fast and New in Some Companies like Our ... BUT THIS IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT, people running these machines are different, with different knowledge, opportunities, loyalty and responsibility to you, and these people depend on everything. It's not just about lightning servers and unique quality, and that we have Future Hosting specialists who are up and ready for new challenges. There are no impossible things for us, we think that these words are invented by young people with shallow brains. There are difficult tasks, but they are not impossible. We don't sleep till you're satisfied. When you buy a service from Future Hosting you know it's backed a passionate team that's committed to providing you with the best web hosting experience.

We understand the meaning of non-technical users, so our Services do not require any Specific Skills or be an Expert in this Field. We Strike to Make your Life Easy.

Here are a few reasons to choose us for our Hosting Provider.

- Each client account is completely isolated in its own file system based on VPS Virtualization. That is, each account is a container instance, but it is not a separate system, as in virtual servers. - Resource isolation is similar to virtual servers - the same technology is used and each account has its own resource - RAM, CPU, Disk Space, etc., each account is separate from the others.
Since this is not a complete emulation of virtualization, users even though isolated share one set of tools and system. This means that each user is provided with cPanel for account management, as well as system administration, settings and configuration of the server software and server applications required to operate the account, similar to the standard web hosting service or the so-called 'Shared' Hosting '.
- Account-side isolation means you already have more resources, like a virtual server (VPS), no degradation caused by abusive users on the same system, and cPanel convenience and free system administration and technical support.

Another advantage is that, unlike regular hosting, you now get several times higher speed thanks to paid software that is expensive to install on a virtual server or inaccessible for use in shared hosting.

Each of our systems is configured in a detail with several types of cache, an extremely fast web server with several times more optimized php parser and many more.

This gives you lots of advantages because you use all the benefits of shared hosting combined with all the benefits of a virtual server without their disadvantages.

Boutique Works Best

Ours is a boutique service because we believe in offering our clients one-to-one attention and the option to select the services they need at a fair price. We have no interest in selling services that the customer does not need nor do we charge exorbitant rates for simple tasks. We believe in building a long-term business relationship that will be beneficial to both our clients and our business.

Achieve your Business Goals

Our objective is to help you achieve your business goals so that your business and your customers benefit from the best the Internet has to offer.
- Benefit from our extensive knowledge of web and many related fields.
- Benefit from the experience we have gained through helping hundreds of businesses grow.
- Benefit from a truly complete service - from marketing analysis through to a professionally designed and dynamic website that delivers results.
- Benefit from our knowledge of the Irish market and our expertise in selling products to Irish consumers.

Alex Gogan

Alex has been and is an adviser to a number of technology companies including NTL (formerly Cablelink) where he was instrumental in setting them up as one of Europe's first Broadband Internet companies, Philips Broadband Networks, Com 21 (one of world's largest cable and DSL modem manufacturers), First Tuesday, Department of Public Enterprise of Ireland; Internet Advisory Board and several venture capital companies. Alex's advice was Instrumental in one Company Netting a Profit of over €65 Million in One Sale. Alex regularly delivers talks on internet related topics to a wide range of audiences including:

- Access 2000 Conference in Barcelona, a broadband technology conference relating to content and maximizing profit.
- Keynote speaker in Brussels on IP Security and in Istanbul on "Developing Internet Services your Customers Want" for COM21.
- Roadshow speaker for Phillips conferences in London and Paris on "How Your Customers Will Use the Internet Now and in the Future."

Success is a science, if you have the conditions, you get the result.
Oscar Wilde

We Love to Work with our Customers

The Golden Rule for every Business is this: “Put yourself in your customer's place.”
Orison Swett Marden
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